Faculty members are expected to consult with their Dean about the timing of leaves to ensure the best use of the opportunity and to be consistent with the teaching and other obligations of the faculty member. If all conditions are favorable, faculty apply to their Deans, and the application is in the form of a proposal outlining how the faculty member proposes to use the time and how the work proposed fits into the research agenda of the faculty member. Once the leave has been recommended by the Dean and Director, it is subject to review by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), and eventual approval by the President.

It should be noted that the faculty member must serve at Koç University, upon return, for a period of time at least equal to the length of the leave. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the faculty member or his/her new employer must reimburse the University for the salary paid while on the leave. This requirement is strictly enforced with no exceptions.