Section 1: Academic Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty

Academic responsibilities of faculty generally consist of teaching, scholarly research and service. Depending on the nature of the appointment as indicated in the individual contract, faculty may be exempted from the research or teaching responsibilities. Service and/or additional teaching is typically a substitute for research obligation for instructors as indicated by their contractual agreement with the University and as deemed appropriate by the respective Deans and the President. Professoriate who hold administrative positions may be partially exempted from their responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the respective Deans and the President. All full-time faculty have the responsibility of rendering a workload of a minimum of 40 hours per week. The annual vacation time of a faculty member is a maximum of one month. All vacations are subject to prior approval by the Deans or the President, and have to be tracked by the HRportal platform, effective August 2019.

It goes without saying that the standards of academic performance expected from faculty members can differ from one institution to another depending on the mission of the institution. At its founding, the Board of Trustees of Koç University promulgated very explicitly that the mission of Koç University was to develop a “Center of Excellence” for teaching and research by widely accepted international norms. Consistent with this aspiration, the Vehbi Koç Foundation has been asked to commit to the University the financial resources required to accomplish its mission. In view of this vision, the mission of Koç University is to become a premier ‘research university’ in the country, region and the world, along the lines of the ‘research university’ concept, initially articulated and established by Wilhelm von Humboldt during the founding of the University of Berlin in 1810.

Koç University aims to undertake a multiplicity of endeavors in company with a singularity of purpose. Seeking excellence requires application of demanding standards of performance in two of the foremost activities of the University: teaching and research scholarship. Koç University expects its faculty members to excel in both of these mutually complementary academic endeavors. Annual performance evaluations take into account the annual teaching and research records on an almost equal basis. In contrast, renewal and promotion decisions are based on cumulative performance and quality of demonstrated research scholarship carries a higher weight than teaching.