KUSIS is the main academic information system at Koç University. All student related data such as bio-demo information, academic records, course information, class schedules, grades, exams are stored in this database. The implementation project started in 2013 and completed before Fall 2014. Since then, the project team has been working on improvements, fixing issues and adding new features addressing the dynamic needs of the academic and administrative departments. Students enroll to courses, follow their requirements for graduation, view courses details and the course lists that will be offered in next terms, apply for dormitories and work/study programs through KUSIS. They are also able to keep track of their payments and financial records. Registrar and Student Affairs Directorate, Office of the Comptroller, Dormitories, Colleges etc. keep their records and serve students and faculty through this system.

You can access kusis.ku.edu.tr with your KU Net ID and password, which will be given by IT.

KUSIS Self Service helps faculty to view their class and exam schedules, class rosters, students’ academic information, and create their syllabuses and enter grades. Creating e-mail groups for specific classes and assigning teaching assistants are also available.

Students are asked to meet their advisors before the enrollment periods. Advisors then need to remove the service indicator from advisees’ records for them to be able to enroll to their classes.

During enrollment periods students may ask for special consent for some classes. Instructors can approve or decline these requests through KUSIS.

For functional support, you may contact Registrar and Student Affairs Directorate, helpful videos can also be found at https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/en/how-to-videos/.

Enrollments and other information about classes are synchronized with Blackboard at the end of each day.