All faculty members with full-time University appointments; all faculty who hold administrative positions; and all faculty and non-faculty personnel who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research (being “engaged in research”) are required annually to submit a conflict of interest/conflict of commitment disclosure describing their external activities and significant financial interests. Faculty members, investigators, and non-faculty personnel who are engaged in research must submit the annual disclosure forms to their Dean, who then reviews them and forwards the forms to the Office of the VPRD. In cases where the individual is a Dean or a Director, the disclosures are submitted directly to the VPRD Office.

Certain senior, non-faculty administrators designated by the President are also required to submit annual disclosures of outside activities and financial interests. These disclosures are to be prepared on the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Senior Administrators and submitted to the Office of the President. The form is provided to those administrators who are required to submit them.