It should be emphasized that implementation of this policy in a specific case may be limited by the responsibility of the departments to meet their obligations. Once this is secured by the Dean of the respective College, the following steps have to be followed:

  1. Application for sabbatical leave, including the “Statement of Plans,” is filed with the Office of the Dean by no later than December 1st for leaves in the subsequent Fall Semester and March 1st for leaves in the subsequent Spring Semester.
  2. Dean of the College and Director of the Institute review the sabbatical leave request with care and certify that: i) they each believe the leave enhances the value of the faculty member to the University, ii) that the proposed plans improve the capabilities for carrying out the objectives of the unit and the University, and iii) that the work of the unit would not be disrupted by the leave. This certification is to be completed by January 1st for Fall Semester leaves and April 1st for Spring Semester leaves.
  3. Once the leave has been recommended by the Dean and Director, it is subject to review by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), and eventual approval by the President.
  4. Applicants, and the VPAA, HR, respective Dean and Director Offices, are notified of the status of the application by the Office of the President by February 1st for Fall Semester leaves and May 1st for Spring Semester leaves.
  5. Those who have been granted a sabbatical leave have to submit a report to the Office of the Dean within 60 service days of their return from sabbatical leave.
  6. Dean shares his/her evaluation of the sabbatical leave in the first annual
    faculty evaluation with the faculty member and the VPAA office.

If the faculty, whose request for sabbatical leave has been granted, wishes to alter the proposal or academic objectives of the leave, he/she must inform the Dean in writing as soon as possible of the reasons for the proposed change and secure the approvals of all offices stated in the above implementation procedure. Having secured the approval of the former request does not guarantee the approval of the changes, and the Office of the Dean is responsible to carrying the revision procedure in a timely manner.

After the request for sabbatical leave is granted, if the faculty member decides not to take the sabbatical, or to postpone it to another academic semester or year, the Dean may give first priority to other sabbatical requests from the same program in cases of multiple requests for the same or overlapping period(s).

Faculty with full-time administrative appointments may apply for sabbatical leave in an appropriate time prior to the end of his/her administrative term to the Office of VPAA. Once the request for sabbatical leave is reviewed by the VPAA, the application materials with the letter of recommendation by the VPAA are submitted to the Office of the President. The Office of the President subsequently notifies the applicant, the Offices of VPAA, HR and respective Dean and Director of the status of the application. The rest of the rules and policies for sabbatical leaves, such as duration, service requirement and reporting, are the same as for the full-time faculty with no administrative duties.