Services for faculty members in the pre-grant process:

  • Identification of potential funding sources
  • Review and assistance during the preparation of proposals
  • Preparation of groundwork for negotiation with sponsors, support for
    preparation/evaluation of contracts/protocols

Services for faculty members in the post-grant process:

  • Support for accurate accounting of income and expenditures, tracking of project budgets
  • Completion and submission of financial reports required by sponsors
  • Assistance as required by researchers, during negotiations and the completion phase

Respective operational procedures regarding the project and grant processes are available at

Services for faculty members in technology commercialization process:

  • Assessment of commercial potential of developed technologies at KU
  • Assistance for researchers in technology commercialization (invention disclosure, patent application and licensing procedures)
  • Guidance in protection of Technologies with proper IP mechanisms
  • Assistance in Legal issues regarding IP ownership

START-UPS: As an entity separate from RPDTTD, KWORKS Entrepreneurship Research Center provides support for start-up companies to be established by faculty, researchers and students and offers guidance about commercialization and entrepreneurship issues.