In order to individualize each student’s education, a wide choice of electives both within and outside their area of specialization is offered. The area and free elective courses are announced by the Registrar’s & Student Affairs Directorate towards the end of the current semester. The advisees choose their electives after consulting with their advisors. The advisor may guide the students, assessing their strengths/weaknesses, motivation and career goals. An advisor may also suggest the student to contact the instructor of the course to obtain more information. Students should not feel any pressure on the selection. The advising is at its best when it remains at the guidance level.

Before approving an elective, the advisor should check the number of area and free electives the student has already taken and discuss with the student which electives he/she is planning to take in the future. It always helps to make a four-year plan ahead of time even if it is tentative. The advisor should also check if the prerequisites for selected electives have been satisfied. Necessary information is available in the current course catalog (description of courses and prerequisites) in KUSIS.