Concerns about the appraisal of university service provided by faculty in research track (i.e., Professoriate) are legitimate as this category receives a smaller weight compared to research and teaching categories. Service contributions count; however, they cannot be a substitute for great teaching and research productivity for faculty in research track. As the matrix in Appendix 13 (subsection a) depicts, service determines how unequal evaluations in research and teaching are combined in overall evaluation. For example, an “Above Expectations” research performance and a “Meets Expectations Successfully” teaching performance can be combined as “Above Expectations” for a faculty member as a result of a successful service performance.

The University administration makes a special effort to not distract junior faculty from their primary functions of providing superior education and delivering excellent scholarly work. However, all faculty members are expected to contribute a form of service, appropriate to their rank and seniority, by being responsive to the needs of the students, the Colleges, the University, and the Society at large.